TCMPC Product Texas Curriculum Resources (TCR) Questions

5. Who developed TCR?
TCR is a collaborative effort of TCMPC, ESCs, and TEA. Team members produced the four curricular support resources (Year at a Glance, TEKS Verification Documents, Instructional Focus Documents, and Vertical Alignment Documents) using Texas instructional materials, Eureka Math TEKS Edition (English and Spanish, Grades K-5) and Carnegie Learning Texas Math Solution (Grades 6-8, Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry). The four support resources are part of the TCMPC product line.


6. Are there curricular supports in other content areas besides mathematics in the TCR product?
TCR support resources aligned to Eureka Math TEKS Edition and Carnegie Learning Texas Math Solution are the first content collaboration of the ESCs, TCMPC, and TEA. Reading Language Arts K-5 will be developed during the 2022-2023 year, followed by Science K-5 and Social Studies K-5 in future years.


7. If a district implements TCR support resources aligned to Eureka Math TEKS Edition and/or Carnegie Learning Texas Math Solution, how do teachers get access to the TCR online resources?
District leadership will notify their Regional ESC contact to purchase access rights to the TCR products. Once this step is complete, the systems administrator of the school district will determine the level of access for each campus and grade level. Access options include:

  • Access to the Math TEKS RS/TCR products (district decisions required)
  • Access to only the Math TCR product


8. How will a user of TCR access the OER instructional materials?
Once a user is logged into TCMPC and chooses the TCR product, they can continue to the grade level to access all available TCR resources. To access the OER instructional materials from the grade level Instructional Focus Document for the module/unit, the user will be informed they are leaving the TCMPC online management system and going to the Eureka Math TEKS Edition or Carnegie Learning Texas Math Solution login page. All of the TEA's OER instructional materials are also openly available through the TEA Instructional Materials page.


9. Will there be training opportunities available on how to use the TCR product?
TCMPC encourages all districts that select the TCR resources to contact their ESC for detailed information and training on TCR products. Additionally, in the Support Library dropdown, there will be resources available. These resources include short videos of system functionality and a Google Slide deck explaining the TCR resources.


10. If a district has feedback, revisions, suggestions, and/or needs assistance with TCR materials and/or TCMPC tech support, who do they contact?
If you have questions regarding …

  • TEKS specificity, IFD understandings, IFD questions, IFD misconceptions, and IFD format questions – contact your local ESC or TCMPC via the site under the Support dropdown tab on the Site Homepage
  • Tech support – contact Tech Support via the site under the Support dropdown tab on the Site Homepage


11. How will the TCR products be sustainable in future years?
TCMPC will develop and update the TCR support resources in Mathematics, Reading Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies in alignment with OER instructional materials.


12. How do school districts obtain access to TCR?
As a product of TCMPC, TCR is available through a Regional ESC provider. School district leaders can obtain access to TCR by choosing between two options.

  • Already have TEKS RS or purchase TEKS RS: TCR is accessible for no additional fee.
  • Purchase TCR Mathematics only: The price is 25% of the cost of TEKS RS. Please consult your regional ESC contact for pricing details.
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