Education Service Center (ESC) & Texas Curriculum Management Program Cooperative (TCMPC) Questions

1. What is TCMPC?
TCMPC is a shared service agreement between the 20 ESCs of Texas that provides content and support for an online curriculum management system known as TEKS Resource System and Texas Curriculum Resources. TCMPC is governed by the 20 ESC Executive Directors and a Management Committee comprised of 10 ESC Executive Directors and 10 District Superintendents.


2. What is TEKS Resource System?
TEKS RS, a product of TCMPC, is an online content and support curriculum management system. TEK RS includes curriculum components, an assessment item bank, and content specific resources aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) adopted by the Texas State Board of Education for English Language Arts and Reading (K-12), Spanish Language Arts and Reading (K-5), Mathematics (K-12), Science (K-12), Social Studies (K-12), and Spanish translated versions of all content listed above (K-5). TEKS RS includes:

  • Curriculum components: Year at a Glance (YAG), TEKS Verification Documents (TVD), Instructional Focus Documents (IFD), Enhanced TEKS Clarification Documents (ETCD), and Vertical Alignment Documents (VAD) for all core subjects.
  • Assessment components: Performance Assessments by units, Unit Assessment items, and Formative Assessment items.
  • Resources (All Content Areas): Concepts Charts, Overarching Understandings and Questions; Backward Design Documents, Long-term Transfer Goals; STAAR resources including STAAR Analysis and STAAR Blueprints and Item Percentages, Backward Design Documents, Instructional Considerations to Activate Purposeful Planning Tools (ICAPP), etc.
  • Resources (Mathematics): STAAR Enhanced Blueprints, TEA STAAR Reference Materials, Texas Response to Curriculum Focal Points with Aligned Standards/TEKS Introduction, TEA TEKSSupporting Information (with TEKS Resource System comments), Suggested Basic Manipulatives by Grade Level, Mathematics Suggested Engaging Literature, Graphing Calculator Support, Teacher Manipulative Google Slide Decks, Vertical Quick Guides, etc.


3. What is Texas Curriculum Resources (TCR)?
TCR is a new product of TCMPC. TCR is a curricular support product with similar components as TEKS RS aligned with Open Education Resources (OER) instructional materials available from TEA for optional use. Many of these instructional materials were formerly part of the Texas Home Learning (THL) suite of materials. Starting in SY 2022-2023, TCR will provide users an online management system including the documents: Year at a Glance, TEKS Verification documents, Instructional Focus documents, and Vertical Alignment documents for Eureka Math TEKS Edition (English and Spanish, Grades K-5) and Carnegie Learning Texas Math Solution (Grades 6-8 and HS Courses including Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry only). Subsequent TCR materials will be available for additional OER products for other content areas in the coming years.


4. Why was the decision made to include TEA’s optional Open Enrollment Resources (OER) in the TCMPC product Texas Curriculum Resources (TCR)?
TEA Commissioner Morath asked the ESCs and TCMPC to work with TEA to create a curricular support product called Texas Curriculum Resources (TCR) to provide a resource that is aligned with the Open Education Resources (OER) that TEA has invested in to assure that every student in Texas has access to high quality instructional materials (HQIM). TCR is designed to offer Texas teachers additional support in using HQIM to create a more rigorous learning environment for students.

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