IFD & YAG "Submit for Review" Settings

In the Content Access section of System Management, District and Campus Content Administrators are able to manage the ability of users to submit customized versions of IFD and YAG components to District Content Admins for review. When access is granted, Admins can either provide feedback to users and/or add the item(s) to the District Content section and publish it for all district users to access and view. Altering the controls within the District Content Settings table will automatically update all of the subsequent campuses, though District Admins may still customize each campus (if desired).

REQUIRED ROLE: District Content Admin or Campus Content Admin

SITE ACCESS: System Management > Content Access

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Manage IFD & YAG "Submit for Review" Settings


For guidance on the submission process itself, please see the following support guides:

- Submitting IFDs & YAGs for Review (User)

- Reviewing Submitted IFDs & YAGs (District Content Admin)


Click on the System Management drop-down in the site's main navigation menu, and select the Content Access option.



The Submit for Review setting allows you to control whether or not basic users within your district are able to submit customized versions of IFDs and YAGs for review. Note that the Create My Version feature must be turned ON in order for basic users to be able to create customized versions of content that can then be submitted. Alternatively, users need to have the Campus Content Creator or Campus Content Admin account role in order to create customized IFDs and YAGs from scratch. For brand new districts, Submit for Review is set to OFF as the default for the Year at a Glance and Instructional Focus Document categories.



To turn the Submit for Review feature ON, check the box(es) for the desired content type(s).



After doing so, the Submit for Review option will appear for individual users in the Options drop-down associated with each content item located on the My YAGs and/or My IFDs page of the My Content section of the site. 




If Submit for Review is turned OFF by unchecking the box(es), the Submit for Review option will be hidden from users' view in the Options drop-down associated with each content item. Therefore, users will be prevented from submitting any future content for review.

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