TCMPC Content Access (District-Wide)

On the Content Access Management page of the System Management section, District Content Administrators can manage district users' access to all TCMPC components (curriculum materials). This would primarily be used by districts that wish for users to only access district-created materials within the site.

REQUIRED ROLE: District Content Admin

SITE ACCESS: System Management > TEKS RS Content Access > Content Access


On the TEKS RS Content Management page, select the Content Access tab.

top of TEKS RS content access management page with an arrow pointing to the content access tab


The first table contains toggle switches allowing District Content Admins to turn certain TEKS RS materials ON or OFF for the entire district. The default setting is ON for all TEKS RS components throughout the site.

expanded district wide content access bar with an arrow pointing to the checked select all box


To turn any grade level/subject area or course OFF, simply uncheck the associated box. 



Performing this action will prevent district users from being able to access all TEKS RS components (IFDs, YAGs, etc.) pertaining to that particular grade level/subject area or course. This will be the case on both the Search All Components and Curriculum Quick Search pages. District-created components will not be impacted.



To turn all grade levels/subject areas and courses OFF, uncheck the Select All Grade Levels/Courses box at the top of the table. 



Alternatively, check the Select All Grade Levels/Courses box to turn all grade levels/subject areas and courses back ON.


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