Bulk Upload - Create/Edit Multiple Users

Authorized individuals can import large groups of new user accounts and edit existing accounts for multiple users within the organization by utilizing the Excel file format provided in the system.

REQUIRED ROLE: District User Admin

SITE ACCESS: System Management > Account Administration > Bulk Upload


1.) Introduction to the Upgraded Bulk Upload Tool

2.) Campus Names List

3.) Create/Edit Users Template

4.) Uploading a Completed Template

5.) Review Bulk Upload Accounts

6.) Bulk Upload Results (and Correcting Any Unsuccessful Imports/Edits)

7.) Adding User Roles and Permissions


Click the Bulk Upload button on the Account Administration page.



To download the Excel user upload file (spreadsheet), click the Create/Edit Users Template link. 



There are 5 columns to populate: EmployeeID, Fname, Lname, Email, and Organization/Campus. Note that the EmployeeID column is the only optional field (though strongly recommended). The other four fields are required. Enter the user's first name in the Fname column, the last name in the Lname column, the district email address in the Email column, and the user’s campus in the Organization/Campus column. The EmployeeID should be whatever unique value (can be alphanumeric) that the district assigns to each of its employees (can be copied directly from the district’s personnel management system). The users can be listed in any order and can be a mix of those that need to be created and existing users that need to be edited.

NoteBe careful when entering information into the spreadsheet! Make sure there are no spaces before or after the values entered in each cell. Also, do not modify the columns, rows, name of the tab (Sheet1), or default file format (XLSX). These will all result in an unsuccessful upload.


Campus names must be entered into the spreadsheet EXACTLY as they appear in TEKS Resource System (TRS). If a campus name does not match, the system will report a failed import and individuals associated with that campus will not be created or updated.


A list of the TRS campus names can be downloaded by clicking the Campus Names List link near the top of the page. If a campus is missing from the list or if a campus needs to be updated, contact your Regional Education Service Center to request the change.



After adding all the desired users to the Create/Edit Users Template, save the file to your computer (XLSX format only). Prior to performing a Create/Edit upload, double-check the spreadsheet to be absolutely certain the Employee IDs match the correct users (first name, last name, and email).



Select the desired password option that will be applied to both new accounts and existing accounts that are receiving a new email address. Existing accounts included in the template will not be impacted by the password selection. If Auto-Generated is selected, the system will assign a randomly-generated password for each new user in the template.


If User-Defined is selected, you will be prompted to enter a custom password that will be assigned to all new users in the file.



All new users are automatically assigned the standard User and ePlanner account roles. Visit the Account Administration > Edit Users section after completing the upload process to add or adjust users’ roles/permissions (see the User Roles and Permissions Guide for assistance).



To upload the spreadsheet, click the Browse or Choose File button and locate the completed Excel file (XLSX format only) on your computer.


After selecting the file, click Continue.



You will then be prompted to review the bulk upload accounts for accuracy.  To ensure that each new user receives a welcome email that includes login credentials, leave the Send Registration Message box checked. 


To remove a user who has mistakenly been included in the spreadsheet, or one that has incorrect information, click Remove next to the user’s name.


Once you have confirmed that the list of users and their account information is correct, click the Submit button at the top of the page to enact the changes. Alternatively, click the Start Over button if you wish to cancel the upload and return to the beginning of the process.



You may then review the completed upload results. Different results boxes will appear depending on what is applicable to that particular upload.

Successful Edits will appear at the top of the left-hand column (in green), and indicate that changes to existing user accounts took place.


Successful Imports will also appear in the left-hand column (in green), and indicate the new user accounts that have been created.


User accounts that were unsuccessfully created or edited will be noted in the right-hand column (in red). A bulleted list of potential causes for an unsuccessful import/edit will be listed on the page and can be the result of an incorrect organization/campus, an improperly formatted email address, or a duplicate email address. The user account information is displayed so that the user(s) can be located in the upload spreadsheet and the error(s) can be identified and corrected through a second upload.



Click the Start Over button to return to the main Bulk Upload page or to repeat the Bulk Upload process.



To provide additional roles to individual users, visit the Edit Users section after the accounts have been created.


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