Manage My Favorites

Users can manage and organize saved content in the My Favorites section.

SITE ACCESS: Tools > My Favorites


My Favorites allows users to view/organize existing TCMPC and District-created pages that have been previously added to this section. Users may also add/view/organize links to websites (URLs) or external files in this section.


Click on the Tools drop down in the site's main navigation menu, and select the My Favorites option.



The My Favorites page has an organization menu of folders on the left-hand side, and the contents of each folder are displayed to the right. Click on a folder title to open it and view its contents.



Click on the title of a saved item in the My Favorites list to view it. 



 To Edit or Delete a saved item, click the Options button associated with it.



For additional details, please see the other My Favorites support guides.

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