Fall 2016

Here's a list of enhancements made to the TEKS Resource System™ over Fall 2016:

  • IFD Preview - System Resources section - additional spacing added between links for better viewing

  • Login Page Redesign – updates to Login & Home pages

  • Home page tab - icon color darkened, for better viewing when the tab turns a lighter gray

  • Assessment Templates – district-created assessment flag now displays on items selected to an assessment template, in addition to displaying in the item search tool

  • Assessment Templates - Course Version tag added to assessments

  • Assessment Items - Secondary Standard alignments added to Search by SE filter, along with existing Primary Standard alignments

  • Assessment Creator - Add to District option available for users with District Content Creator role

  • TCMPC Content - Printer Friendly Version – copyright year updated to 2016 in the footer of the IFD, YAG, Rubric, PA, TCD, and VAD

  • Standards - Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines PDF on Download Standards page has been updated to latest version
  • Standards - Implementation of new Mathematics standards for: Algebraic Reasoning, Discrete Mathematics for Problem Solving, and Statistics; vertical views created for Statistics (grades 3 - HS)
  • Welcome Email - school year has been updated to reflect 2016-2017 in the body of the email
  • TCD/ETCD Dynamic Display & Print Version - school year header has been removed (per TCMPC)


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