Course Version: World Geography Studies

The World Geography Studies course for high school Social Studies now has two different versions – Conceptual and Regional:

  • Conceptual World Geography course is organized around major geographic themes enabling a comparison of various regions throughout the year.
  • Regional World Geography course is a survey of each major region across the globe and important geographic themes related to those regions.

TCMPC Curriculum and Assessment content has been tagged accordingly and is now searchable in the system using the existing filters on the Quick Search, View TCMPC Components, Search All Components pages, as well as in the Manage Assessment tool.

District Content Creators and basic users also have the ability to tag with a version when creating new content for district and personal use.

The following components are currently utilizing the World Geography Studies Conceptual and Regional version tags:

  • Unit Assessment Items
  • Performance Assessments
  • Rubrics
  • Instructional Focus Documents
  • Year At a Glance
  • TEKS Verification Document

NOTE: Additional Social Studies Courses, as well as Science, will adopt multiple versions later in the school year, and possibly other subject areas to follow in the future (TBD).


Search Filters

Quick Search (Home page)

Once World Geography is selected as the Course, the Version filter will display.


View TCMPC Components

Once World Geography is selected as the Course, the Version filter will display.



Search All Components

Select a Version has been added as an additional list filter, allowing users to multi-select with other filters as needed.


Content Dynamic Display


The version appears in the Title of the rubric, in the Course Version section, and on the PA aligned to the rubric.



Instructional Focus Document (IFD)

The version is displayed in the IFD header, as well as in the Title (optional).



The version is also displayed in the Performance Assessments section of the IFD.


Year At a Glance (YAG) and TEKS Verification Document (TVD)

The version is displayed in the Title on both the YAG and TVD.


Manage Assessment Tool

Performance Assessment alignment (IFD)

All units for each version of published PA items will display in the list.


Unit Assessment Item search (Assessment Creator and District Assessment Template)

Available versions/units will display for published assessment items.

NOTE: Unit Assessment Items are currently in the process of being tagged with the appropriate versions. As items are published by the Social Studies team, options will appear in the Version drop-down.


Custom IFDs and YAGs

District Content Creators

When creating new IFDs or YAGs for the district, content creators now have the ability to tag World Geography Studies items with the Conceptual or Regional versions.


Likewise, appropriate search filters are available to find these newly tagged items.


Individual Users

Users creating custom content through Design Templates also have the ability to tag World Geography Studies IFDs and YAGs with the Conceptual and Regional versions.

As with the district content creators, appropriate search filters are available to help users manage the different versions.


You can download a PDF version of this page by clicking the link below:

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