Summer 2016

Here are the latest enhancements to the TEKS Resource System™:

  • Updated PreK Guidelines Standards – New standards have been implemented for the 2016-2017 school year
  • Updated Course selections for Custom IFDs – users can now select any available Course when creating a custom IFD for the district or personal use
  • Course Versioning – World Geography content is now tagged with Conceptual and Regional course versions, including: Unit Assessment Items, Performance Assessments, Rubrics, Resources, IFDs, YAGs, and TVDs (additional Courses will adopt multiple versions later in the school year)
  • Updated Revisions Searching feature – when searching for content revisions in the Updates section of the Home page, users are now taken directly to a Search filter page when clicking a Subject, rather than having to click through the grade level folder structure
  • Ability to Reorder Units on the YAG – users can now reorder units/IFDs on a custom YAG within the six-week sections via drag & drop or Move Up/Move Down options
  • Ability to include additional standard alignments on a custom YAG - users can now display the performance and student expectation levels of the following standard sets: ELPS, College and Career Readiness, Pre-K Guidelines, TEA Essence Statements
  • Login & Home Page Updates - updated site footer, including new links to the TCMPC: About Us, Events, and Contact the TCMPC; also included direct links to the Support, Revisions, and News & Updates sections



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