New User Verification

New users added to the system must go through an email address verification process in order to allow continued access to the system.

When a user logs in for the first time, he/she will have the option to verify the account at that time or at a later time.



Clicking Remind Me Later allows the user to log in at that time, but will be required to go through the verification process upon the next login.

Clicking OK sends the user a system-generated email containing a verification code.

After receiving the system-generated email, the user will then enter the verification code and click the Verify button.

This will verify the user's email address and provide undisrupted access to the system going forward.

Note: If users are not receiving the system-generated email containing the verification code, it's possible TEKS Resource System email addresses do not yet have access to the district's email server (i.e. need to be whitelisted). Click here to learn how to resolve this with your district IT department.

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