Create a District Year At a Glance (YAG)

Authorized district users can create Year At a Glance (YAG) components from scratch, using the TEKS alignments in their own district-created Instructional Focus Documents (IFD) or selecting from a TCMPC-created IFD.

These YAG components can then be published and made available to all district users.

Note: if aligning the YAG to district-created IFDs, make sure the IFDs are created and published within District Content before creating the YAG!

REQUIRED ROLE: District Content Creator

SITE ACCESS: System Management > District Content


Click on the System Management drop-down in the site's main navigation menu, and select the District Content option.


Click on the District YAG option in the sub-menu.



Select the 6-Week View or 9-Week View option from the drop-down menu in the upper, right corner.


To create your district Year At a Glance component, click the Create New Year at a Glance button.



Enter an appropriate Title for the YAG and click Continue.


When the Edit page opens, select a Grade, Subject, and Course (if High School).

When creating a new YAG for HS World Geography, select the appropriate Course Version.

Note: additional HS Course versions may be added later in the school year.


Below the grade/subject settings, each 6 or 9-week section is displayed along with the content alignment tool.

To select the units (IFDs) belonging to the first six weeks, click the Manage Alignments button in the 1st Six Weeks section.


When the Search Content modal appears, you have the option to search for District content only or both TCMPC and District content.

To search for District content only (i.e. custom IFDs), select the check box next to the View District Content Only filter at the top of the modal and click List Content.


This will display a list of district-created IFDs that have been published for district use. Click Add to select the desired IFDs for that six-week period, then click Save once you have completed adding desired IFDs.


To view a list of both the district and TCMPC IFDs, simply leave the View District Content Only filter unchecked.

Note: In the result list, TCMPC-created content displays an icon next to the Add button, whereas the district-created content does not.


Once you've saved your selections, the IFD title and Student Expectations aligned to each IFD will be listed.

Here, you can customize your selections further by selecting only those Student Expectations you wish to appear on the district YAG. All are selected by default. Uncheck any that should not appear on the YAG.

Continue this for each of the remaining 6 or 9-week periods in the YAG.


Preview the YAG to see the units and Student Expectations listed. In this example, the SEs checked in the previous step are displayed beneath the IFD title.

Both the IFD and SEs link back to the respective content.


NOTE: if an IFD title doesn't appear as a link (i.e. is not underlined), this means the Unit Overview on the IFD is blank; districts can add the Unit Overview at their own discretion. TEKS links, however, are still accessible here.


After adding the required units for the 6 or 9-week period, they can be reordered by clicking on the title bar and dragging it to the desired position.

In this example, Unit 2 was dragged to display before Unit 1.

Once all 6 or 9-week periods have been populated, the YAG can be saved and published for district use.

Click here to learn more about publishing district content.

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