Creating ELAR/SLAR Plans

Users can create their own ELAR or SLAR classroom plans using templates specific to balanced literacy instruction in K-5 and 6-12.

Site access: District Resources > Design Templates


Click on the District Resources tab and select Design Templates.


You will automatically land on the Design Templates: Manage My Plans page. Click on the Create New Plan button.


Enter a Title for your plan by manually typing the title or copy/paste from an existing document, select the appropriate grade level template option from the drop-down selection, then click the Continue button.

In this example, the Plan ELAR/SLAR K-5 template is selected because we are creating a Grade 4 ELAR plan.


When the Editing Plan screen appears, the Title field will be automatically populated – however, you may edit this field by manually typing OR performing a copy/paste from another document.


Select the appropriate Grade/Subject/(Course) from the lists provided.

NOTE: If a High School grade level and subject area is selected you must also select the specific course.


Enter a Unit #, Lesson #, and Suggested Duration for the lesson.


List any attachments that may be used during any part of the lesson. If you have documents saved to one of your My Favorites folders, you can create a link to that document using the Add from My Favorites tool in the toolbar.


Scroll to the Performance Assessment(s) section and click the Manage Assessments button to align the appropriate Performance Assessments to your plan.



Use the filters provided to select the Performance Assessments aligned to your plan and click Save.


If you haven't already done so, click Save to confirm your selections and content entered thus far.


Next Steps...

To complete your plan, you will enter the preparation and instructional steps specific to the lesson(s) you will be teaching.

Click the link below to learn about completing the Lesson Preparation and Instructional Routines sections of the ELAR/SLAR templates:

ELAR/SLAR Template: Lesson Preparation

ELAR/SLAR Template: Instructional Routines


You can download a PDF version of this page by clicking the link below:

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