District Resources Overview

If access is turned ON for the district, additional materials and resources created by the district can be found in a folder-based repository on the District Resources tab.

Users can view district-created files and add them directly to their My Favorites folders, or download and save elsewhere for classroom use.

Site access: District Resources > District Resources


Go to the District Resources tab and select District Resources from the menu.


NOTE: if District Resources access has not been turned ON by the district, users will see the following message. 


When accessing District Resources, the district folders are displayed with + buttons next to those containing sub-folders.


Clicking the + button will expand the sub-folders.


Clicking the - sign will collapse the folder's contents.


When clicking on a folder, its name and contents (i.e. files) will be displayed in the right panel.

Files are displayed in the folder if they have been published to the site by a District Administrator.


If files have not been published yet, the folder will display empty results.


When viewing a folder's contents, users can easily open or save the file by clicking on the title.


Users can also add a bookmark for the file directly to their My Favorites folders by clicking the Add to My Favorites button to the right of the file.


You can download a PDF version of this page by clicking the link below:

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