Sharing a Plan

Users have the ability to collaborate on plans with other members of their organization.

Site access: District Resources > Design Templates


To share a plan with other members of your campus, go to the District Resources tab and select Design Templates.


Find the plan you'd like to share. Click the Options button and select Collaborate


If you are creating a brand new group to share the plan with, click the New Group button.


Create a name for your group and add the appropriate users from your campus to the new group.


Once you have added all group members, click the Save button. 


NOTE: If you have previously created or been added to a group, you can select the existing group from the drop down.


Select the new group from the drop-down and then click the Save Selection button in the upper right. The plan will then be shared with all members of the group.


Once shared, the plan title will be in green text and display the icon indicating it is a shared item.


To keep track of who last updated the plan, you can use the Revision Date field at the bottom of the Edit page. Type in the date and your name, and it will appear at the bottom of the preview or print version of the plan.


Please note: 

  • Changes made by any of the collaborators will be saved, and changes will be reflected for all members of the group upon subsequent edits to the plan. 
  • Any of the members of the group can edit group members (add, remove, etc.) or delete the group. 
  • Upon preview/print, the names of all collaborators will appear at the top of the plan.
  • If one group member deletes the plan, it will be deleted for all group members.
  • If the plan is marked as Ready for Review by one of the group’s collaborators, it will be marked as Ready for Review for all collaborators and then reviewed by a Principal. Any comments added by a Principal through the Principal Center will be visible to all members of the collaborative group.


You can download a PDF version of this page by clicking the link below:

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