Managing Custom IFDs and YAGs

After creating customized IFDs and YAGs, users can mange these items through the main Design Templates page.

In addition to search filters being provided, there are a number of options available that allow users to modify, print, or share custom content.

Site access: District Resources > Design Templates


Go to the District Resources tab, and select Design Templates from the menu.


On the Design Templates landing page, click the My IFDs or My YAGs option from the sub-menu.


From the Manage My IFDs or Manage My YAGs landing page the list of customized content is displayed along with search filters and an Options button that provides a variety of features to help manage your plans.


In addition, the Manage My YAGs landing page offers the option to select 6-week or 9-week YAGs.

Users can select a Grade Level, Subject Area, or Course to narrow their search.

There is also a Keyword Search field provided, allowing users to type in a specific word or phrase from the IFD or YAG title to help further narrow the search.


The Show Archived option filters for currently archived IFDs or YAGs.

Archived items (see Options section below) are hidden from the general search, but can be retrieved using this filter.


From the list view in Manage My IFDs or Manage My YAGs, click the Options button next to an item to perform a variety of functions:


Preview – displays the plan for viewing purposes only

Edit – allows users to make changes to any part of the content

Copy  - allows user to make an editable copy of the content

Printer Version – creates a printable version of the content

Add to My Favorites – allows user to add a link to the content in one of the My Favorites folders, under the District Tools tab

Archive - removes the content from view, and stores in the system for later use (search filter provided)

Delete – deletes the record from the TEKS Resource System


You can download a PDF version of this page by clicking the link below:

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