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Users can quickly bookmark existing TCMPC and District-created pages and save to their My Favorites folders when viewing content in the system.

Site access: District Resources > Search All Components OR District Resources > View TCMPC Components


To view content, click on the District Resources Tab.

You can conduct a search for components using either Search All Components or View TCMPC Components.


View TCMPC Components > Add To My Favorites

To perform the Add To My Favorite function on any component, go to View TCMPC Components and search by Grade Level and Subject.



The result set that appears contains all TCMPC Components related to the search criteria, along with two options to add items to the My Favorites folder.

To add a single item to your My Favorites folder, click the Add to My Favorites button to the right of the item.

To add multiple items to your My Favorites folder, use the checkboxes to the left of the component titles to select the desired items. Click the Add Selected Components to My Favorites button at the top of the result list.



Search All Components > Add To My Favorites

You may also use the Add To My Favorites button when opening up any component through Search All Components, where you can search by grade level, subject area, and course (if High School).



Select a specific component type using the filters and  click Search



From the result list, click a title link to open a component.



Click the Add To My Favorites button in the upper-right corner.



After you have clicked the Add To My Favorites button on the component you are selecting, a pop-up will display allowing you to: Change Folder, edit the Title, or provide a Description (optional).  Once you have made any desired modifications, click Save.


You can download a PDF version of this page by clicking the link below:

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