5E Model Template: Instructional Procedures

After a 5E Model plan has been created, users will want to provide the instructional steps for the plan. This is done by completing the Instructional Procedures section. 

SITE ACCESS: Tools > My Content > My Plans 


Click on the Tools drop-down in the site’s main navigation menu, and select the My Content option. My Plans is the default landing page for the My Content section.



Find the desired existing ELAR/SLAR plan, click the Options button, and select Edit.


Scroll to the Instructional Procedures section toward the bottom of the page. Create the 5E Instructional Procedures by clicking on the Create New button to reveal the drop-down menu for the plan phases



Click on the desired plan phase (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, or Evaluate)



Click on the light gray header area to enable the text edit box



Enter the appropriate plan phase header information and click the Save button



Click on the white area below the header to enable the text edit box. Enter the steps for that phase of the plan in the text edit box and click the Save button



Click on the on the light gray Suggested Day header to enable the text edit box. Enter the appropriate Day #/Duration (minutes) for that phase of the plan and click the Save button




Click on the white area below the header to enable the text edit box. Enter any pertinent instructional notes (i.e. materials, attachments, etc.) and click Save



The instructional steps and materials are now listed for the first part of the plan.


Repeat these steps until each phase of the plan is covered. For example, Days 2 and 3 of the plan are added by clicking the Create New button and selecting the next phase of the plan (i.e. Explore).


Steps and teacher information for the next 2 days of the plan are added to the appropriate sections.


When all phases, or days, of the plan have been entered click on the Revised Date field at the bottom of the page and enter the date.

If this is a shared plan, you may want to enter the name of the person who last updated the page.


This date will appear in the lower, right corner when you Preview the plan page, indicating when the plan was last updated.


After entering the Instructional Procedures and Revised Date, click the Save button in the upper, right corner of the plan page.


Once plans have been completed, they can either be shared with colleagues on your campus or submitted to an administrator for review.

Click the links below to learn more about these features:

Sharing Plans

Submitting Plans for Review

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