ELAR/SLAR Template: Instructional Routines

As part of completing the ELAR/SLAR plan, users can provide the instructional steps for each day of the lesson. These steps can include any or all of the balanced literacy focus areas: Word Study, Reading, Shared Reading, Independent Reading, and Writing.

SITE ACCESS: Tools > My Content > My Plans


Click on the Tools drop-down in the site’s main navigation menu, and select the My Content option. My Plans is the default landing page for the My Content section. 



Find the desired existing ELAR/SLAR plan, click the Options button, and select Edit.


Scroll to the Instructional Routines section toward the bottom of the page.

To add Instructional Routines for each day of instruction, click the Create New… button and then the Instructional Routine button



Enter a number for the day the instruction takes place within the lesson and check/uncheck the appropriate boxes for table view. Click Save.



The column headers selected appear in the lesson plan table. In this example, the first day of the lesson will focus on Word Study, Shared Reading, Independent Reading, and Writing.


To add Instructional Routines for day 2 of the lesson, click the Create New button again. Select Instructional Routine from the pop-up menu.


Enter the number for the day of the lesson, and select the focus areas appropriate to the second day of the lesson and click Save.

In this example, day 2 of the lesson will focus on Shared Reading, Independent Reading, and Writing.


Both days of the lesson now appear in the Instructional Routines section.


To complete each daily lesson, click on any cell in the table to enable the text edit box – enter desired information and click Save.


A completed Instructional Routine section might look something like this:


Continue adding Instructional Routines sections until all days of the lesson are covered.

Once this has been completed, click the Save button in the upper, right corner of the plan page. Or, click Save after completing each Daily Lesson to review your work.

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