Making Content Available to District Users

District versions of Plans, IFDs, YAGs, and Assessments can be published for district use.

District users can find this published content through the Search All Components tool on the District Resources tab.

Required role: District Content Admin

Site access: System Management > District Content


From the System Management page, select District Content.


Whether you are on the Plans, IFD, YAG, or Assessment Template content page, you will see a 'Publish to live site?' option with a YES/NO toggle button in the Options column next to an item.


When content has initially been created it will display a status of 'Draft'.


When you set this toggle to YES, the item changes to 'Published' status and is available to district users through the Search All Components page on the District Resources tab.


If you no longer want content to be available to district users, or need to temporarily remove the content  from the site, set this toggle to NO

The item will then appear in 'Taken Offline' status and no longer appears in any search for components. 


You will also receive a confirmation indicating the item has been removed from component searches. Click OK to continue.


You can download a PDF version of this page by clicking the link below:

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