Once items are dynamically displayed in the system, what will districts be able to do?

Users with the District Content Administrator role will be able to select items from the TEKS Resource System Assessment Item Bank by subject, grade, and course, with the ability to keyword search and filter by unit number or Student Expectation (standard). Once the selection is made, a district assessment template of items will appear. Items can then be deleted, re-ordered, and/or modified on this template. If a district chooses to modify an item, that item will then be disconnected from the TEKS Resource System Assessment Item Bank and will no longer receive any subsequent updates/revisions made by the TEKS Resource System.The District Content Administrator can then publish the district created assessment for all users.



The district assessment template will be managed through the District Content section of the site, located in System Resources.  This is where other customized versions of content are managed by districts. 





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