Create Customized Versions of TCMPC Content

If capability is turned ON in the District Content Settings of Content Administration, authorized users can create customized versions of TCMPC IFD and YAG components, and publish them for district use.

REQUIRED ROLE: District Content Creator

REQUIRED SETTING: Create District Version > ON

SITE ACCESS: TEKS Resource System Components > Curriculum Quick Search


To find TCMPC components you'd like to customize, click on the TEKS Resource System Components drop-down in the site's main navigation menu and select the Curriculum Quick Search option.



Select the Grade Level and Subject Area. Click Search. 


Find a YAG or IFD in the list and click the title to open the component page.



When the page opens, click the Create District Version button at the top of the page.


Note: if the Create District Version button is missing, this means it is turned OFF in the District Content Settings. Contact your District Content Administrator to request that this be turned ON.


By default, the system appends your district name to the existing title. However, this title can be modified as necessary to suit your district's needs.



Modifying the District Version of the YAG

To remove an existing unit from the YAG, click the Options button and select Remove.

To reorder units, click the Options button and use the Move Up or Move Down options. You can also drag and drop by clicking the gray title bar of the unit.

To edit the existing standards, check/uncheck checkboxes accordingly.


To add a different unit (IFD) to the YAG, click the Manage Alignments button at the bottom of the six-week section.


Select the Grade Level/Subject Area to review list of available IFD components. The list will display both TCMPC and District-created IFDs - any TCMPC component is indicated by the logo Snip20140915_13.png, any district-created IFD will not have the logo.


Click the Add button to include this unit on the YAG.


Modifying the District Version of the IFD

After clicking the Create District Version button on the selected IFD, the Edit IFD page opens. The district name is automatically appended to the title.


Edit the desired field(s) on the IFD and click Save.


Once the components have been customized and are ready for district users, they can then be published.

Click here to learn more about publishing district content.


District Content Creators can also create these components from scratch, using their own district-defined content, alignments, and resources.

Click here to learn about creating a district version of the IFD from scratch.

Click here to learn about creating a district version of the YAG from scratch.


You can download a PDF version of this page by clicking the link below:

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