Formative Spiral Item Management

Authorized individuals can turn access ON/OFF for Formative Spiral Items found in the TEKS Resource System item bank. These items are found using the Manage Assessments tool on the Assessment Creator and District Assessment Template pages.

Required role: District Content Admin or Campus Content Admin

Site access: System Management > Content Administration


Go to System Management and click on Content Administration.


In the District Content Settings section, click the toggle ON for the Create My Version setting for Formative Spiral Items.



Formative Spiral Items are then available as a Question Type, along with Unit Assessment Items, when searching for Math items in the Manage Assessments tool.



Note: if this feature is turned ON and there are currently no published Formative Spiral Items for the grade or course selected, this option will not appear in the Question Type drop-down list.


If the Unit Assessment Items setting is turned OFF, but the Formative Spiral Items setting is ON, users can still access the Assessment Creator tool but can only select Formative Spiral Items for Math.







If Formative Spiral Items are turned OFF, and Unit Assessment Items are turned ON, then district users will only see the Unit Assessment Items in the Question Type drop-down.




You can download a PDF version of this page by clicking the link below:

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