Overview of Content Administration

In the Content Administration section of System Management, District and Campus Content Administrators are able to control Unit Assessment Item and Formative Spiral Item access as well as manage the ability for users to create customized versions of TCMPC Components and district-created content.

Required Role: District Content Admin or Campus Content Admin

Site Access: System Management > Content Administration


Accessing Content Administration

Click on the link for System Management in the upper, right corner of the page next to the Help icon.


Select Content Administration from the System Management landing page.


When you enter Content Administration, there are several options for managing users’ access to content and ability to create customized versions of TCMPC Components.

District Content Settings

Managing Customization of Content

The Create District Version and Create My Version settings allow you to determine if you would like users within your district to be able to create district customized versions of TCMPC IFDs and YAGs and/or individually customized versions of TCMPC IFDs or YAGs and district-created content.


If you would like users who have the role of District Content Creator to be able to create district versions of YAGs and IFDs, turn the Create District Version setting On

When the Create District Version setting is turned ON, users with the District Content Creator role will see the 'Create District Version' button at the top of any TCMPC IFD or YAG.


If you do not want users with that role to be able to create district versions, turn this setting Off.


In this same section, you can control the ability for district users to create customized versions of the TCMPC components, using the Create My Version setting.  If this is turned On, individual users will be able to create their own versions of Year at a Glance and Instructional Focus Documents. Any content customized through this feature will only be available to that individual user.



When the Create My Version setting is ON, district users will see the 'Create My Version' button at the top of TCMPC IFDs or YAGs, and district-created content.


If you do not want district users to create customized versions of TCMPC content, turn these settings Off.


Unit Assessment Item Access

District and Campus Content Administrators can also turn on/off access to Unit Assessment Items in the Content Administration section. In the system, Unit Assessments are On by default (available to all users).



You can turn off access to the Unit Assessments by clicking the Off button.  To restrict access to unit tests based on established grade(s), subject(s), or course(s), check the box for Restricted


NoteSelecting Restricted before grade(s), subject(s), and course(s) are established will make unit tests inaccessible to users. Please refer to the Managing Restrictions to Assessments and Bulk Management of User Assessment Restrictions articles for instructions on how to establish grade(s), subject(s), and course(s) in users’ profiles.


Assessment Creator Tool Access

To make the Assessment Creator tool available to district users, the Create My Version setting must be turned On.



When On, users can access the tool through the District Resources tab.


When this setting is On, the Create My Version button will then be available on the Preview page of a district assessment. This allows users to customize district versions of the assessments.



Auto Publish Feature

As revisions are made in the TCMPC item bank, the assessment items will automatically be updated in the system through the Auto Publish feature. This setting is turned On, by default to allow for nightly updates to TCMPC assessment items.



To opt out of this feature, you can turn the Auto Publish setting Off and manually publish your district assessment templates through the ‘Publish to live site?’ setting on the Manage Assessment Templates page in District Content.



Formative Spiral Items Management

District and Campus Content Administrators can turn ON/OFF access to Formative Spiral Items in the Manage Assessments tool, which allows users to select different Question Types for their assessments. When this setting is turned ON, users will see Formative Spiral Items appear in the Question Type drop-down list when building their assessments. When turned OFF, Formative Spiral Items is removed from the list.



Campus Content Settings

District Content Settings refer to the entire district.  If you have multiple campuses in your district, the Campus Content Settings allow Campus Content Administrators at individual campuses to also manage access. 

If a district administrator turns off access to unit assessments, the campus administrator cannot turn it on.  However, if a district administrator turns on access to unit assessment items, the campus administrator does have the ability to turn off access for users within his/her campus.



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