Overview of Content Access Management

In the Content Access section of System Management, District and Campus Content Administrators are able to manage the ability for users to create customized versions of TCMPC components and district-created content.

REQUIRED ROLE: District Content Admin or Campus Content Admin

SITE ACCESS: System Management > Content Access


Accessing Content Access

Click on the System Management drop-down in the site's main navigation menu, and select the Content Access option.



District Content Settings

On the Content Access Management page, there are several options for managing users’ access to content and ability to create customized versions of TCMPC and district-created components. In the Content Settings tables, a checked box means the associated category is turned ON, while an unchecked box means it is turned OFF. You may customize each campus to have separate settings or use the District Content Settings, which act as a master switch for all campuses.



Campus Content Settings

District Content Settings refer to the entire district.  If you have multiple campuses in your district, the Campus Content Settings allow District Content Admins to create unique scenarios for each separate campus. Campus Content Admins may also manage the settings for his/her particular campus. 

If a District Content Admin has turned OFF access to any of the features, the Campus Content Admin cannot turn them ON. However, if a District Admin turns ON access to any of the features, the Campus Content Admin does have the ability to turn OFF access for users within his/her campus.


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