Bulk Upload to Add Multiple Users

Authorized individuals can import large groups of new user accounts through an import process. Bulk Upload allows you to create accounts for multiple users within your organization, using the Excel file format provided in the system.

Required Role: District User Admin or Campus User Admin

Site Access: System Management > Account Administration > Bulk Upload

Go to the Bulk Upload tab of the Account Administration page.

To download the Excel user upload file, click the link to open the spreadsheet. 


There are 3 columns to populate: Fname, Lname, and Email. Enter the user's first name in the Fname column, the last name in the Lname column, and the district email address in the Email column.


Note: Be careful when entering names/email addresses into the spreadsheet! Make sure there are no spaces before or after the values entered in each cell, and do not modify the columns (names or sizing), as this will cause the file to fail upon upload! 


Save the file to your computer.

Once you have prepared your user spreadsheet, search for the Organization to which you'll be adding users by entering in the name of the district or campus. Click the magnifying glass to the right to search.


Select the appropriate Organization from the list.



Before selecting roles, you may wish to review the available roles and permissions.  To access the document that outlines the roles and permissions, click on the link listed below the directions.


Select the role(s) that users should have using the checkboxes. The role(s) you select will be assigned to all users in the file. If you need to assign additional roles to only a select number of users, you can do that after you upload all the users for the organization.

Select the Default Password method.

Note: if Auto-Generated is selected, the system will randomly assign a password for each user in the file. If User-Defined is selected, you will be prompted to enter a password to be assigned to all users in the file.


To upload the spreadsheet, click the Browse button to locate the Excel file (.xls format only) that contains the first name, last name and email address for all of the users who need accounts.

Once you locate the file, click Continue.

You will then be prompted to review the bulk upload accounts.  To ensure that each new user receives a registration message, leave the Send Registration Message box checked.  To remove a user who has mistakenly been included in the spreadsheet, click Remove next to the user’s name.


Once you have confirmed the users and would like the accounts to be created, click the Add Users button at the bottom of the page.

You may then review a list of imports.  Successful imports will show up in green. Any users who failed to import will also be noted (in red), with an explanation of the import error.



Click the Start Over button to repeat the Bulk Upload process.

To provide additional roles to individual users, use the Edit Users section once the accounts have been created.

You can download a PDF version of this page by clicking the link below:

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