Add a New User Account

Authorized individuals have the ability to manually set up new user accounts at the campus or district level.

REQUIRED ROLE: District User Admin or Campus User Admin

SITE ACCESS: System Management > Account Administration > Add User


From the Account Administration page, click the Add User menu option.


Select the appropriate User Roles. The User and ePlanner roles are selected by default.

Note: users with the District User Admin role will see both district and campus-level roles, whereas those with the Campus User Admin role will only see campus-level roles.

Enter the First Name, Last Name, and District Email Address for the user.



Enter a Password containing at least 6 characters. Type the password again to confirm.



Check the box next to ‘Email welcome message’  if you’d like the user to receive login credentials via email. If you do not want the user to receive the email, do not check this box.



Select the appropriate Organization (district/campus) by clicking on Find Org.



To find the appropriate district or campus, type the name in the Keyword Search field and click the magnifying glass. Select the appropriate Organization from the list by clicking the circle to its left.


Note: users with the Campus User Admin role will only see the campus organization listed, and users with the District User Admin role will see the district-level organization along with all its campuses.


After completing the required fields and selecting an Organization, click Submit. A confirmation will appear, indicating the user account has been added.



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