Edit a User Account

Editing a user account allows authorized individuals to update the name, email address, permissions, and grade/subject/course assignments on a user's profile.

REQUIRED ROLE: District User Admin or Campus User Admin

SITE ACCESS: System Management > Account Administration > Edit Users


When accessing the Account Administration section, you will automatically land on the Edit Users page.




Use the appropriate filters to find the user account(s) to be updated. To access the Edit page of a user account, click the Options button to the right of a user account and select Edit.



Update the user’s First Name, Last Name, or Email Address in the text boxes provided.



All users have default roles of User and ePlanner. To provide the user with additional Roles and Permissions, simply click the check box in front of the appropriate role(s).



Additionally, to assign Grade Levels, Subjects, and/or Courses to a user's account, make the appropriate selections using the expandable headers. 

Note These grade level, subject, and course settings are only utilized if Unit Assessment Item restrictions have been turned on for your district. If restrictions are turned ON for the district, users will only be able to view Unit Assessment Items related to the Grade Level, Subject, and/or Course associated with their profile.



To assign applicable grades to a user's account, click the Grade Levels header and select all grades that apply.



To assign applicable subject areas to a user's account, click the Subjects header and select all subjects that apply.



To assign applicable courses to a user's account, click the Courses header and select all subjects that apply.



After updating any of these areas, click Save to submit the changes and return to the Edit Users page.



You can download a PDF version of this page by clicking the link below:

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