Overview of District Content

Authorized users can create and manage district versions of Plans, IFDs, YAGs, and Assessments through the District Content page in System Management.

Required role: District Content Admin

Site access: System Management > District Content


From the System Management page, select District Content.


The default landing page for this section is the Manage District Instructional Focus Documents page.


However, you can select the other available component pages by clicking the other sub-menu options.


On any of the content landing pages, you can click the 'Create New' button to begin creating a Plan, IFD, YAG, or Assessment.


You can search for specific items using the Grade Level, Subject, and Course filters.


There is also a Keyword search field available, if you want to type in a word or phrase specific to the item (i.e. Unit #).


After clicking Search, the result list displays the Title, Last Updated date/time, and Status of each item.

Note: Items created through the Create District Version option (i.e. customized TCMPC component) and items created from scratch using the 'Create New' button will be displayed in this list.


Items can be in 4 different Statuses:

  • Draft - item has not been made available to district users
  • Published - item has been made available to district users
  • Taken Offline - item was made available to district users at some point, but taken offline because it is no longer needed or changes need to be made
  • Archived - item has been stored for future retrieval, but removed from general search results


To the right of each item in the result list is the Options button. Clicking this provides a menu of available options for the component.


From here, you have the capability to perform any of the following actions:

  • Previewdisplays the dynamic version of the component
  • Editallows you to modify any part of the component
  • Copy - creates an exact copy of the component allowing users to make modifications for alternate use
  • Publish History - displays a list of each time the component has been published/unpublished, including date/time and user name
  • Archive - stores the component for future retrieval, but removes it from the general search (search filter provided; see example below)
  • Deletedeletes the item from the system


Note: Archived items (i.e. shaded in red) will be hidden from the general search. However, you can use the Show Archived filter to view any previously archived assessments. If you'd like to make the assessment available to district users again, click YES on the 'Publish to live site?' toggle.


You can download a PDF version of this page by clicking the link below:

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