Enabling the District Resources Tools

Authorized individuals can enable access to the tools on the District Resources tab, allowing users within the district to create their own classroom plans and access district-created materials.

Districts can turn ON/OFF the District Resources tool through System Management. The default setting for this tool is OFF.

Required role: District Content Admin

Site Access: System Management > Tools Administration


To turn the tool on or off, click on the System Management link in the upper, right corner and select Tools Administration from the menu options.

Go to the District Resources section and click the toggle button to turn the tool ON or OFF. Take note of the clarifying text below the ON/OFF button.


When this tool is turned ON, users have access to all options on the District Resources tab.


When this tool is turned OFF, users will be denied access to Design Templates and District Resources when clicking those options within the District Resources tab




You can download a PDF version of this page by clicking the link below:

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