Creating Your Own Assessment

If the Assessment Creator tool is turned ON by the district, users can create their own assessments using Unit Assessment Items and Formative Spiral Items from the integrated TCMPC item bank.

Required Role: User, ePlanner

Site Access: District Resources > Assessment Creator


Go to the District Resources tab, click Assessment Creator from the sub-menu or from the landing page.




From the Manage Assessments page, click the Create New Assessment button to begin creating your assessment.



Enter a Title for the assessment and click Continue.


When the template page opens, select the Grade, Subject, and Course (if High School) for the assessment.



Scroll to the Student Instructions and Teacher Instructions sections and type in any instructions you would like to appear on the dynamic view and the print version of the assessment.


NOTE: If you do not wish to see instructions on the assessment, leave these fields blank and they will be hidden from the dynamic view and the print version of the assessment.


Click Save to retain your Grade Level, Subject, and/or Course selections, as well as teacher/student instructions entered.



Next, click the Manage Assessments button to add questions, or assessment items, to your assessment.



To learn more about Selecting Items for your assessment, click here.

To learn more about accessing the Print, Preview, or Edit options for your assessments, click here.


You can download a PDF version of this page by clicking the link below:

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