Selecting Items for the Assessment

Users can add Unit Assessment Items and Formative Spiral Items to the assessment using the TCMPC item bank.

Required Role(s): User, ePlanner

Site Access: District Resources > Assessment Creator


Go to the Assessment Creator tool, and find the assessment to add items to. Click Options > Edit.



To add questions, or assessment items, to your assessment click the Manage Assessments button on the Editing Assessment page.



After clicking this button, you will see filter options display. The grade, subject, and course (if High School) will be pre-populated based on the selections when creating the assessment.



Click the Question Type drop-down to select Unit Assessment Items or Formative Spiral Items (Math only).


NOTE: If you do not see a particular Question Type in the selection list, it is because items have not yet been published to the assessment item bank or access to the Question Type has not been turned ON by your district.


To search for items in a specific Unit, click the Select a Unit drop-down and click the desired unit.


NOTE: If you do not see a particular Unit in the selection list, it is because TCMPC has not yet published items aligned to the unit in the assessment item bank.


The Keyword Search field can be used if you'd like to search by a specific word or phrase in the item name, or if you know the exact item name. This applies to both parent resources (i.e. reading passages, graphics) and individual questions (i.e. E03.06B.1273.TRS).

Type in a keyword and click the magnifying glass icon to search for items.




To search for items by specific Student Expectation, click the Student Expectation link to display a list of standards currently aligned to available assessment items for that grade and subject. Select the checkbox next to a standard to help narrow your search.




Click Search to display available assessment items.



NOTE: the Reset link allows you to clear out all of the filters previously selected, and make new selections from scratch. This enables you to include questions from different grade levels, subjects, courses, or units on your assessment (if desired).




Once you've clicked Search to find items, parent resource items such as reading passages, images, or diagrams will be listed before the related questions. You can view or hide the related questions using the corresponding link on the item.



Click the View Questions link to expand and view the related questions for a parent resource item.



Click the Hide Questions link to collapse the list of related questions.



 To select individual questions from the search results, simply click the checkbox next to the desired item.



To select all questions related a parent resource item, without having to select each individually, select the checkbox next to the parent item name. In this example, selecting the reading passage (or parent resource) also selects all of the related questions (as highlighted in GREEN).




At the top of the search results list, you will also see an option to ‘Select all that match search criteria’. Choose this option if you would like to quickly select ALL items for the filters selected without having to click each item individually.



This automatically selects all items in the results and adds them to your assessment. You will see each item title bar highlighted in GREEN when selected.


Any time one of the select all options is used, you can always uncheck a question you do not want to appear on your assessment.



Once you have selected questions for the assessment, click the Close button. All selected items are now displayed on the assessment.




Click Save at the top of the page to retain your item selections.



Once you've saved your assessment, you can Edit items, Remove items, or Submit Feedback to the TCMPC State team on an item using the buttons provided.



You can also Reorder items - moving them up or down - using the arrows to the left of the item name.


NOTE: Drag and drop functionality also exists - just click on the item title bar, hold it, and drag to desired position.


To Preview a dynamic display of your assessment, click the Preview button in the upper, right corner of the page.



To learn more about Editing items on your assessment or Removing items from your assessment, click here.

To learn more about Submitting Feedback to the TCMPC State team on items in your assessment, click here.


You can download a PDF version of this page by clicking the link below:

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