Customizing TCMPC and District IFDs or YAGs

Users have the option to create customized versions of TCMPC or district-created Instructional Focus Document (IFD) and Year at a Glance (YAG) components within the TEKS Resource System.

When viewing the dynamic version of an IFD or YAG, click the Create My Version button at the top of the page.


**NOTE: if you do not see this button, it means this feature has not been turned ON by your District Administrator. If you would like to be able to create customized versions of IFDs and YAGs, contact your District Administrator to request this feature be turned ON. 

After clicking the Create My Version button, the system automatically appends the username to the title, designating it as 'yours'. However, the entire title can be edited. Once you make the appropriate changes to the component and click Save, it is saved to your Design Templates page.



The customized version will be saved to My IFDs or My YAGs in Design Templates, depending on the component selected.



 From here, you can Preview, Edit, Copy, Print, or save the component to your Favorites.



You can also add this component to a Calendar, using the Add My Content button when editing a Calendar.





You can download a PDF version of this Quick Guide below:

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