Types of Components

Curriculum Components

curriculum_1.png Vertical Alignment: Vertically tracks the depth and complexity of a standard through grade levels. 

Snip20140908_103.png TEKS Clarification: Outlines the standards taught and includes clarifying specificity.

Snip20140908_102.png  Enhanced TEKS Clarification (K-8 Math Only): Includes additional in-depth specificity.

curriculum_2.png Year at a Glance: View standards bundled into units of instruction with a recommended order for the year. 

curriculum_3.png TEKS Verification:  View the standards taught within the year in a single snapshot.

curriculum_4.png Instructional Focus Documents: Bundles student expectations into units of instruction, with a rationale for the bundling of certain TEKS; provides major concepts for the unit as well as key understandings for students.


Assessment Components

Snip20131002_11.pngPerformance Assessments: Assessment items that offer evidence of student attainment of, and/or progression toward identified standards.

assessment_2.png Performance Assessment Rubrics: Used to assess student attainment of, and/or progression toward identified standards.

Screen_Shot_2017-11-16_at_1.45.35_PM.png District-created Assessments: Assessments created by a district administrator and published to all district users.


Resource Components

resource.png Resources: Supplemental resources for supporting and enhancing instruction.


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