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The Search All Components tool allows access to TCMPC components and your district's customized versions of TCMPC components, including Unit Assessment Items. District users have the option to search for both TCMPC and District components at the same time, or District components only, through the search filters available.

Search for TCMPC and District Content

Click on the District Resources tab in the main navigation of the site. Select the Search All Components option from the landing page.
Select the grade(s) and subject(s). If you have selected High School Courses, select the course(s).

To select multiple grade levels or subject areas:

Windows Users - Hold down the control key and click to select desired items.

Mac Users - Hold down the Apple (command) key and click to select desired items


If you would like, you may identify a keyword to narrow your search.

Use the checkboxes to select the specific content types you would like to find. If you want to search all content types, you do not need to check any of the content types.

Click the Search button.


You will then receive a list of search results for both TCMPC and District-created components.  Click on the title of any item to view the component.



NOTE: Since both TCMPC and District components could appear in the result list, the system includes a TCMPC icon Snip20140908_109.png to the right of the TCMPC-created component title. The District-created components DO NOT have an icon to the right of the title.


Search for District Content Only

To exclude any TCMPC components from your search, and find District-created content only, select the View District Content Only checkbox underneath the Keyword field.



This will tell the system to return only the District-created content, as indicated by the district name in the title of the component (in this example) and no TCMPC icon next to the record.


You can download a PDF version of this page by clicking the link below:

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