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The Search All Components page allows access to TEKS RS (TCMPC) components and your district's customized versions of components. District users have the option to search for both TEKS RS and District components at the same time, or District components only, through the provided search filters.
SITE ACCESS: TEKS Resource System Components > Search All Components
Click on the TEKS Resource System Components drop-down in the site’s main navigation menu, and select the Search All Components option.

opened teks resource system components navigation drop down with arrow pointing to search all components option

Use the provided search filter drop-down menus to select a Grade LevelSubject AreaCourse (if applicable), and Version (if applicable). If desired, you may select more than one option in each drop-down menu. 

There is also an optional Keyword search field provided, allowing you to search by a certain word or phrase specific to a content item (curriculum component), its title, or a standard contained within it.

component search filter options including grade, subject, course, version, and keyword search field


Use the checkboxes to select the specific content types you would like to find. If you want to search all content types, you do not need to check any of the content types.

Click the Search button.

curriculum assessment and resources check box filter options with arrow pointing to search button


You will then receive a list of search results for both TEKS RS and District-created components.  Click on the title of any item to view the component.

search results list with sample document title outlined and arrow pointing to it


NOTE: Since both TEKS RS and District components could appear in the result list, the system includes a TEKS RS icon to the right of the TEKS RS-created component title. The District-created components DO NOT have an icon to the right of the title.

search results list with sample document displaying teks rs component tcmpc icon next to it


Search for District Content Only

To exclude any TEKS RS components from your search, and find District-created content only, select the View District Content Only checkbox underneath the Keyword field.

curriculum quick search page with view district content only filter outlined


This will tell the system to return only the District-created content, as indicated by the district name in the title of the component (in this example) and no TCMPC icon next to the record.

search results list with sample district created document title outlined

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