Inserting a New Image to a Question or Answer

Users have the capability to insert a new image while editing an existing assessment item, or adding their own questions through the Additional Questions field text editor.

There are two different methods for inserting an image: one is to pull in an image that is saved to the My Favorites folder, and the other is through the Insert Image tool found in the editor toolbar.


Adding an Image from My Favorites

Before using this feature, be sure the image has been saved to a folder in My Favorites.

While editing or adding a question, position the cursor where the image should be inserted and click the Add From My Favorites option in the toolbar.


When the My Favorites pop-up appears, select the folder where the image is stored and select the image using the checkbox next to it. Click the Insert Selected button to add the image to the question.


The image may need to be resized after adding it, so it fits the space provided in the question.


After adding and resizing the image, click Save in the assessment toolbar.


View the image in the question to determine if additional adjustments are needed to appropriately fit on the page.


Adding an Image using Insert/Edit Image Tool

Before using this feature, be sure to capture the URL for the image location. This can be done by right-clicking the image (from the webpage), and select the option that copies the image's URL (address/location). This URL will then be inserted to the Insert/Edit Image tool.


While editing or adding a question, position the cursor where the image should be inserted and click the Insert/Edit Image option in the toolbar.


When the Insert/Edit Image pop-up appears, paste the image URL into the first field. Click Insert to add the image to the question.


NOTE: if no Image Description is given, the system will display a warning message. Click OK to continue to add the image, or Cancel to go back and add an Image Description.



Once the image has been added, it can be resized and re-positioned as needed.


Click Save to update the changes to the assessment.


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