Item Toolbar Options

The item toolbar allows users to view specific information about the item or perform certain functions.

Example – Math item:


A brief description of each icon is displayed in the table below.






Drag/drop indicator

Indicates an item can be moved on the page using drag & drop method


Rubric display

Indicates a rubric is associated with the answer; clicking the icon displays the entire rubric



Multiple Choice or Numeric Response Answer

Displays the correct answer for the question; clicking the icon will display the entire answer





District Assessment Item Flagging

Indicates the item currently exists on a published district-created assessment; clicking the icon displays the name of the published district assessment along with a link to the assessment


Standards Display

Displays aligned standards; clicking the icon displays the aligned standards - hovering over standard code displays the standard text, clicking the standard link redirects to Standards tab


Move Up/Down

Item can be moved up or down on the page (if applicable)


Format Question

Add Page Break before or after items, as well as add line spacing after an item; this allows users to display one item per page or add more space between multiple questions on a page


Edit this Question

Change the Standard alignment, Question text, Multiple Choice Answers, or Response Properties (for constructed response questions); any content changed through this tool will result in the item being tagged as ‘Modified’ and disconnected from TEKS Resource System item bank


Submit Feedback

Ability to send feedback directly to the TEKS Resource System Content Coordinators



Ability to delete an item from the page


You can download a PDF version of this page by clicking the link below:

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