Creating a District Assessment

Authorized individuals can create district assessments, using Unit Assessment Items and Formative Spiral Items from the integrated TEKS Resource System item bank.

Required Role: District Content Creator

Site Access: System Management > District Content > District Assessment Template


From the System Management page, click the District Content option and then select District Assessment Template from sub-menu.


From the Manage District Assessment Templates page, click the Create New Assessment button to begin creating your assessment.



Dynamic Version using TEKS Resource System Item Bank

Note: This version ignores use of the Upload, Footer Date, and TEKS sections.

Enter a Title for the assessment, choose Assessment Creator from the Template drop down, and click Continue.


The Managing Assessment page opens to reveal 4 expandable/collapsible sections: Assessment Information, Instructions, Assessment Items, and Additional Questions.

The Assessment Information and Assessment Items sections are expanded by default, as these are the key areas to populate. The Instructions and Additional Questions are optional sections.

Select the Grade and Subject for your assessment. Select a multiple choice Lettering Option for the assessment - ABCD/FGHJ is selected by default, but can be changed to ABCD.

If the High School grade level is chosen, the Course selector will appear. If the Course currently has different curriculum versions, the Version selector will appear (i.e. HS Social Studies World Geography Conceptual and Regional versions).


If you would like to add Student and Teacher Instructions to your assessment, click the + to the left of the Instructions section to expand and enter instructions. Click Save.


Note: If you do not wish to see instructions on the assessment, leave these fields blank and they will be hidden from the dynamic view and the print version of the assessment.

Next, select the Font Size for your assessment, using the drop-down selector in the floating toolbar at the top of the page.


Note: if you are unsure of the font size recommended for each grade level, click the ? icon next to the font selector. This will display the STAAR recommended font sizes.


Click the Add Question button to reveal the Search Assessments tool to select items for your assessment.


Once the Font Size and Questions have been selected, click Save.

To learn more about Selecting Items for your assessment, click here.

The next step is to publish the assessment for district use. Click here to learn about publishing your district assessments.


You can download a PDF version of this page by clicking the link below:

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