Inserting Your Own Questions & Answers

Users have the capability to add their own questions and answers to an assessment, using predefined templates within the Assessment Creator tool.

Required Role(s): User, ePlanner

Site Access: District Resources > Assessment Creator > Edit

NOTE: additional questions are not saved to the existing TEKS Resource System item bank, only to the assessment. If users would like to re-use additional questions, they can copy/paste questions from one assessment to another or make a copy of the assessment with the additional questions and modify as needed.


Question Template

To access the question template, expand the Additional Question section of the assessment and, in the Additional Questions editor, click the Insert Predefined Template option on the toolbar.



Select the Question Template from the drop-down menu. A preview of the template will display. Click Insert to add the template to the Additional Question editor.


If more questions need to be added, repeat these steps for as many additional questions needed.



NOTE: in order to add another question template, the cursor must be to the far left of the editor. This should happen by default, after adding a question template, but if you’ve edited something and it isn’t in the proper location, just click a few spaces down on the far left side of the editor.

Once the templates have been inserted, highlight & replace the ‘Question Goes Here’ text with your own question text.




Mulitple Choice Answer Template
If the question has multiple choice answers, you can add the answer choices by inserting the Multiple Choice Answer Template for each answer.

With the cursor at the end of the first answer choice line, click the template tool. Select the Multiple Choice Answer Template from the drop-down, and click Insert.



Repeat these steps for each multiple choice answer for your question.


Highlight the answer template text, leaving the bullet point and A alone (these are placeholders), and replace the text with your own answer text. Repeat these steps for each answer.


Click Save, and review your question on the assessment.


If your question is not a multiple choice question, simply highlight and delete the answer choice text line, leaving only the question.



Additional questions added to the assessment will always appear after the last item selected from the item bank, and formatted like the other questions.

Answer Key Template

To add the corresponding answers that will appear in the answer key, go to the Additional Questions - Answer Key field and follow the same steps to select the template, and choose the Answer Key Template from the drop-down.


A preview of the answer key format will display. Click the Insert button to add the template to the answer section.


Repeat these steps for each of the questions added.

After the template(s) has been added to the answer section, replace the template text with your answer text - add the question number, the question title, correct answer, any primary/secondary standard alignments, and reporting category (if applicable).


Answers will then appear at the bottom of the answer key, in a separate section for the additional questions.


To download a PDF version of this page, click the link below:

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