Editing Items on an Assessment

To further customize their assessments, users have the capability to modify the questions and answers on TEKS Resource System items added to an assessment.

Required Role(s): User, ePlanner

Site Access: District Resources > Assessment Creator > Edit


From the Managing Assessment page, in the Assessment Items section, click the Edit icon in the item’s toolbar.


This will display a window allowing you to access the Standards, Question, Multiple Choice Answers, or Response Properties tabs for the item.


To modify the Standards alignments, click the Standards tab and Add or Remove standards using the tools provided.


You can also change the Primary or Secondary alignment type using the drop-down selector.


To modify the Question, click the Question tab and use the editor to modify any part of the Question.


Click the Save button after making any changes to this field.

If the Question happens to be a Constructed Response format, you can change the graph, lines, or image you would like to appear in the constructed or numerical response workspace using the Workspace field editor.


Click the Save button after making any changes to this field.



To modify the multiple choice answers for an item, click the Multiple Choice Answers tab.


Here, you can use the editing tools to modify the answer text, provide a Rationale for the answer (optional), or mark the answer as the Correct Answer for the question.

Click the Save button after making any changes to this page.


To edit an answer to a Constructed Response question, click the Response Properties tab.

Here, you can edit the Correct Answer and update the Rubric, if necessary.


Optional fields to add or edit, include: Scoring Guide, Custom Attribute, and Teacher Notes.


In addition, users can edit the Score Range or provide a Question Weight and Point Value for the item.


Click the Save button after making any changes to this page.


Once an item from the TCMPC item bank has been edited by a district user, the word 'Modified' is appended to the item name.


NOTE: This indicates that the item has been changed from its original TEKS Resource System version, and any changes made are the responsibility of the district or user. TEKS Resource System does not maintain or manage changes made separately by districts.


To download a PDF version of this page, click the link below:

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