Manage My Assessments

Once you've created your own customized assessments, there are several options to help manage them.

SITE ACCESS: TEKS Resource System Components > Assessment Center > Search/Edit Assessments > My Assessments

VIDEO TUTORIAL: View/Edit My Assessments


Select the Search/Edit option in the Assessments section of the Assessment Center landing page.



The default view for Search/Edit Assessments is My Assessments. On this page, search for existing assessments using the filters for Grade Level, Subject Area, Course (if applicable), and Version (if applicable). There is also an optional Keyword Search field provided, allowing you to search by a certain word or phrase in the assessment title.


The Show Archived option filters for currently archived assessments (see Options section below), which are hidden from the general search but can be retrieved using this filter.


Click the Search button to perform the search. Click Reset Search if you wish to clear the selected filters.



Within the list view (search results) of My Assessments, the most commonly utilized assessment functions are provided in each assessment row (to the right of the Options button).


  • Edit – allows you to view the live print preview and modify any part of the assessment
  • PDF – creates a PDF version of the assessment to download and print; users can print the Student section only, Teacher section only, or both sections in the font size saved to the assessment
  • Add Items – allows you to jump right to the item search page to locate items you would like to add to the assessment

Click the Options button in a given assessment row for an additional list of available actions.


  • Copy – provides the capability to copy an existing assessment and modify for alternate use
  • Add to My Favorites – allows you to bookmark the assessment to one of your My Favorites folders within the Tools section
  • Add to District (requires specific account role) - allows District Content Creators/Admins to add one of their own assessments to the District Content page for publishing to district users
  • Archive - stores the assessment for future retrieval, but removes it from the general assessment search (search filter provided)
  • Delete – deletes the assessment from the system

NOTE: Once an assessment has been archived, it will be hidden from the general search. However, use the Show Archived filter to view any previously archived assessments (i.e. shaded in a solid color).


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