Inserting District-created Questions & Answers

Users have the capability to add their own questions and answers to an assessment, using predefined  templates within the Assessment Creator tool.

NOTE: additional questions are not saved to the existing TCMPC item bank, only to the assessment. If you would like to re-use additional questions, you can copy/paste questions from one assessment to another or make a copy of the assessment with the additional questions and modify as needed.


Additional Questions

To access the question template, scroll to the Additional Question section of the assessment and click the Insert Predefined Template option on the toolbar.


Select the Question Template from the drop-down menu.


A preview of the template will display. Click Insert to add the template to the Additional Question section.


Once the templates have been inserted, replace the template text with your question text - enter the next sequential question number, enter your question text, and add the answer choices.

NOTE: hit Enter after typing in each answer choice to display the ABCD answer choices. This tool only allows ABCD answer choices.


After the D answer choice is entered, hit Enter twice to insert another template (if another additional question is needed).

If one of the additional questions is a constructed response, simply delete the multiple choice answer section.


Additional questions added to the assessment will always appear after the last item selected from the item bank, and formatted like the other questions.

NOTE: additional questions currently cannot be moved like item bank questions. This functionality will be available in a future enhancement to the assessment tool.


Additional Question Answers

To add the corresponding answers that will appear in the answer key, follow the same steps to select the template, except choose the Multiple Choice Answer template from the drop-down.


A preview of the answer key format will display. Click the Insert button to add the template to the answer section.


After the template has been added to the answer section, replace the template text with your answer text - add the question number, the question title, correct answer, any primary/secondary standard alignments, and reporting category (if applicable).


Answers will then appear at the bottom of the answer key, in a separate section for the additional questions.

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